Project Description

Traveling in the mountains with children requires an extra degree of planning, but iCamp Hotel has many facilities and programs specifically designed for children. There is also a children’s park with lots of playgrounds, tobogganing areas, igloos, snowman buildings, and more.

Some areas for children, at Mt. Naeba, are equipped with escalators for snow, which allow to go up the mountain without chairlift and bicycle called “snow walkers” and outdoor playgrounds.

iCamp Hotel also offers babysitting services (need to be pre-booked), play and rest areas for children, and group ski lessons for older children ready to go on the slopes.

Of course, you do not have to stay in the children’s park for fun. Tobogganing, snowshoeing, rafting in the snow, tubes and banana boats are a pleasure for all ages. The iCamp Hotel staff will help you find the type of entertainment you are looking for.